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Is Jayco a Good RV Brand? 

Jayco RV is a popular recreational vehicle manufacturer in the U.S. The well-known brand produces roughly 50,000 recreational vehicles annually. The company was founded more than five decades ago by Lloyd Bontrager, and it manufactures travel trailers, toy haulers, motor homes, and fifth wheels.

You’ve probably seen a Jayco on the highway at least once, given their many products, which may have left you wondering, what makes Jayco RVs so popular?

Why are Jayco RVs so popular?

For starters, Jayco RVs are known for the high standards and exceptional quality used to produce their products. For example, Jayco RV won the 2016 Trailer Life Readers awards for its high-quality campers.

The company has also received many accolades since it was established. For instance, Jayco Jay Flight has been the #1 selling travel trailer for over a decade. Numbers show that more than 170,000 American families own Jayco Jay Flight trailers, with the rolling ticker on Jayco’s website showing that the number continues growing daily.

It has a wide variety of layouts available that suit different travelers' needs. This is in addition to an affordable cost, letting consumers choose a trailer that’s within their budget.

The company’s trailers are suitable for a wide variety of groups - 1 or 2 occupants or large families, creating diverse options for consumers. Its interiors are luxuriously furnished and offer a variety of floor plans, giving consumers different options to choose from.

What Sets Jayco Apart from Competitors?

The Magnum truss roof system that the company uses on all its RV roofs is very durable compared to products from other companies and can tolerate up to 4500 pounds. This is because Jayco RV’s use screws to hold the roof in place, unlike some manufacturers who use staples.  

The weatherproofing design also makes them more durable. Jayco products use metal custom frames instead of stock frames. The company usually adjusts the frames to fit a specific model. 

The walls of all the company’s units are VBL laminate. The process utilizes vacuum bonding to create a durable structure for heavy use. The company then uses one-piece seamless end caps, which help prevent damage from debris and moisture.

In addition to this, every recreational vehicle made by Jayco has innovative technology, including the Jaycommand Smart RV system. This mobile technology can connect your phone to your vehicle, letting you adjust and monitor things like your slide-outs, air conditioning, and heat, among other features.

The motorhomes are equipped with stability and handling technology, including a balance driveshaft to enhance your driving experience and premium shocks. These technologies include the JRide Ride and Handling package.

The company also customizes its products to fit consumer needs and handles any concerns raised appropriately.

With regard to safety features, Jayco RV’s have seatbelts in every seating position in their motorhomes. Before installation, each seatbelt undergoes rigorous testing.

Goodyear tires are also installed on all recreational vehicles the company manufactures. These tires have higher-speed ratings, rugged fabric steel, and enable greater carrying capacity, making them comfortable and safe for driving and/or towing.

Every motorhome is also equipped with a 3rd brake light, which improves road safety, given that defensive driving is crucial. In addition to this, all motorhomes have backup and rearview cameras, with some models also sporting side-view cameras.

How many models does the company produce?

The company’s trailers come in different models including Jay Flight, Hummingbird, Jay Flight SLX 7, Jay Feather, Jay Flight SLX8, White Hawk, Melbourne, Eagle HT, Greyhawk Prestige, Eagle, Greyhawk, Eagle Fifth wheel, Redhawk, Eagle HT Fifth wheel, Pinnacle, Seismic, North Point, Talon, Octane Super Lite, Precept, Talon Platinum, Embark, Senaca, and Alante, among others.

Does the company provide a warranty?

Jayco RV’s provides a 5-year structural warranty, a lifetime warranty, and a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. An owner of an RV, be it new or old, can save thousands in repairs with a warranty.

Warranties cover leaking in Jayco trailers, which is a rare occurrence. The company makes a point of recalling its recreational vehicles if there are any complaints of leaks. Rusty or loose screws can also be replaced and tightened under warranty. 

The company advises its consumers to report any severe leaks, even if the warranty period has already expired. However, if your RV was involved in an accident, used for an unintended purpose, used commercially, or towed by a vehicle that isn’t a standard passenger vehicle, you may not benefit from your warranty.

Additionally, if your RV also has damage from wear and tear from being used as a permanent residence, damage from water during crossings, damage from misuse, or damage from alterations or repairs done by unauthorized personnel, you cannot benefit from your warranty.

Impact damage to its chassis, running gear of body, soiled internal fabrics and fittings because of dust or other airborne substances, and dislodged appliances caused by heavy landings, bad roads, and hard impacts will also prevent you from using your warranty to claim repairs.

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